How to Improve Speaking? Writing!

Well, the stars in the sky have aligned to shine me on the path to start writing on my personal blog again.

After abandoning my blog for nearly three years, I have found a pretty good reason to continue this practice as a habit. Thanks to this video by Jordan Peterson:

So, what is that?

A member of the audience asks Peterson about how to become a good speaker like him. There are two things he recommends:

  • Write what you think
  • Pretend you are talking to one person

The second point is something I’m quite familiar with, and I believe most people have heard that at some point. But the first tip is rarely talked.

I noticed that there is a dip in my fluency right after I delegated my writing work to, you guessed it, AI. It seems a neural pathway in my brain is used whether I’m speaking or writing.

Technically the path is still there even though I am barely writing, but it’s been weakened. Practicing writing in conjunction with speaking may strengthen the pathway and make me a better speaker.

So, that’s why I’m planning to start writing again. Maybe not every day, but I’ll do it as often as I can.

Since I also started making videos about web development in NusaPixel, writing may be the missing ingredient to be able to communicate better.

To finish it off, this is my favorite quote from the video:

If you are good at communicating as a carpenter, you are ten times better as a carpenter

Jordan Peterson