How to Launch a Product? Build an IP



This article was inspired by this video here:

Colin and Samir interviewed Mark Rober, a former NASA engineer turned YouTuber. Here, he is showing one project he is working on.

But what got me interested is the funding.

Okay, let’s go back a bit.


For a long time, Mark’s videos fall into the category of entertainment/education. His videos are quite popular, generating millions of views and a decent revenue from advertisements and brand sponsors.

But later, he launched his own subscription company, CrunchLabs. It’s essentially a subscription box that paying subscribers will receive monthly to train their younglings to build exciting stuff.

Or, in other words, to help them think like engineers.

It’s quite a fitting product.

Launching a product is easy when you have an IP

In one section of the video, CrunchLabs COO explains the journey to finding a great product from Mark Rober’s channel.

Basically, this task is rather simple since Mark has built an IP (his YouTube channel) for years. So, they already know the kind of potential customers they are targeting and they don’t have to pay for advertisement at all.

Basically, almost zero Customer Accusition Cost (CAC).

That’s brilliant!

My take

I’m in the middle of a YouTube project that I’m working on. This is a channel where I share my knowledge and experience about building a website and also marketing it.

It’s not just for making money from ads or finding new clients, but it’s a foundation that I could use to build a product in the future.

I don’t know what it’s gonna be, but at least I have started it.